About me:

I am 13 years old and come from Auckland, New Zealand. I have 3 older brothers called Fletcher, William and Richard and I have 1 cat named Flossy. This will be a website all about me and the things I love most.

Favourite things:

My favourite animals are cats and my favourite type of food is Mexican. I love to swim and play waterpolo, and play tennis in the summer. Speaking of summer, that is my favourite season and I love the beach. My favourite song at the moment is Electric Love by the BOURNS. These are just a few of my favourite things.


I love food a lot, so I thought I would tell you about my all time favourite snacks :)

1. Strawberries and Cream smoothie. This is really yum and really easy to make. It's also a good snack for on the go and is healthy.
2. Greek yoghurt and granola is also a very yum and easy snack to make on the go.
3. My last one is weetbix and banana. This is really easy and if you don't like weetbix you can do it with any other cereal. It is probably my favourite breakfast and is super healthy.